The art of styling👠


Hey! My name is Blue-Charlize but everyone calls me Blue.

I have always loved fashion (I started dressing myself at the age of three), and want to inspire people to find their personal style and start trends.

I see fashion as a way to express yourself and I think life is too short to be copying someone else’s style, or to be following trends, you should be the trend-setter! Obviously this is not easy, and I some times follow trends too!

What you should for sure not do, is just follow trends because that’s what everyone is doing, that is boring! If you do follow trends it should be because you truly love them!

I want to help people improve in this topic and give you tips and tricks that I have learned, if you want to learn how to embrace your own style and be confident in it, then this page is for you!

I also know that some people don’t even know where to start, so obviously it’s harder to embrace your style if you have no clue about fashion, that’s why I will be sharing overall fashion tips and showing some of my outfits to inspire people to create their own! It is also totally ok if you like my style and would like to start there! Your own style will start forming itself over time!

It would be very helpful if you wrote things in the comments about what content you want me to post, since I am not sure about it yet. If you have any doubt, feel free to comment and I will do what I can to help you out!

On a side note, I will also be blogging about travel, beauty products, confidence, essentials and lifestyle! But mostly about fashion.

Hope you all have a great day!❤️

Thrifting vs artisanal shops vs big stores🎩

Thrifting vs shopping in artisanal stores vs shopping in big stores!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! Today I am going to talk about thrifting vs shopping in artisanal shops vs shopping in big stores.

I want to start off by saying that I LOVE shopping! But I would rather shop in little stores or thrifting than shopping in mass stores. And we’ll get to why…

Big stores:

Big stores are stores like Zara, Mango, GAP, Uniclo, and many more. They tend to be very big, they produce a large quantity of each of their items and usually have a large audience. Big stores are good to buy simple and essential things like, a few different colored tank tops, some denim shorts, some jeans, a basic white shirt, or things like that. But you can’t really find unique things or handmade things in big stores. Many big stores also make their clothes in foreign countries where they don’t pay their employees or pay them a miserable amount of money, it is hard to know which ones do this so you have to be careful.

Thrift stores:

Thrift stores are stores where you can buy second hand things for very cheap, you can even find second hand designer items in thrift stores. I don’t really shop in thrift stores because where I live they don’t have many and I personally don’t really like wearing something that a stranger has worn, but that is different for each person! If you like it then I’m so happy for you! One of the things that I LOVE about thrift stores is that you can easily find a lot of vintage items and I personally love vintage.

Artisanal stores:

I’m just gonna start by saying that shopping in artisanal stores is my FAVOURITE! For sure! Now let me explain what they are, artisanal stores are these little stores that you can usually find in villages that tend to have more unique things. It’s these little stores that you can only find one of, you will not find more because they don’t sell in mass quantities. Items in artisanal stores are mostly handmade and many times are unique pieces that they didn’t make two of.


So as you probably already know my favourite stores to shop at are artisanal stores because then I can get very unique pieces that nobody else has! But to shop for essential items I like shopping at big stores because artisanal shops will probably not have very essential and simple things, artisanal shops tend to be more hippie. I love shopping in artisanal stores because when you shop in big stores, it is very likely to cross someone on the street and have the same T-shirt as them, but when you shop in artisanal shops it’s very unlikely for that to happen and your style looks very unique! But my all time favourite thing is getting old clothes from my mom because she has a great style and I love vintage things. I’m gonna show you a picture of a very unique necklace that I got in an artisanal shop:

This necklace was handmade in Africa!

Lastly I want to say that each person will like something different and that’s great!

I hope you liked my post and hope everyone has a great day!💗

Hot summer 2020 trends!👙

Hey everyone, I hope you’re having a great day! Today I am going to share with you 10 summer 2020 trends that I love!

I want to start by saying that you shouldn’t follow these trends just because everyone does, you should only follow them if you actually like them, if not you’re never gonna develop your own style, but if you do love them then go ahead!

Over quarantine many 90’s trends have resurfaced and I honestly love that! I think that the style in the 90’s was amazing and very underrated! Under each trend I have attached a link that leads you to a picture of the item (I found these pictures on Pinterest). Most of these trends started in the 90’s or are inspired by the 90’s, so let’s get right to it! (By the way, these trends are not ranked from best to worse they are put in a random order.)

1. 90’s baguette shoulder bags.

2. Cat eye sunglasses.

3. Chunky chains.

4. Silk.

5. Sweat shorts.

6. Vintage rectangle sunglasses.

7. Bucket hats.

8. Scarfs as shirts.

9. Thick hoop earrings.

10. Hair scarfs/bandanas.

I love these trends and think they are amazing! This is a very short post but I hope you liked it!

Have a great day everyone!💗

How to style masks this summer!🥴

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great day! Today I am going to write about masks, And how to style them (mostly in summer).

In many shops and places you have to wear masks, even though it’s summer! This is kind of annoying but it’s important to wear them because best case scenario you could save someone’s life by not spreading the virus, and worst case scenario you have to wear a piece of cloth on your face, you see what I mean?

But enough of me lecturing you about masks and more fashion talk!

So I know that masks aren’t really ideal but you should embrace them! They can look very good if you wear them right!

The first mask we are going to talk about is the regular blue and white hospital mask (the one that’s in the picture), DITCH THOSE. If you want to look fashionable that is NOT the answer!

One way to make masks look good is having many different color masks and basically just wear the one that looks the best with your outfit, but if you want it to look very chic and “à la mode”, don’t match it to the main color of your outfit, many people will probably do this but DON’T! Match it to the color of your accessories or little details that you have on your clothes, for example, match it to the color your handbag, shoes, hat… etc. That will look so much better and more fashionable!

And what I mean by matching it to the details of your outfit is for example, if you have a blue T-shirt on and it has orange stripes at the extremities of it, then wear an orange mask! It will look SO much better and much more put together. Trust me!

Now, having many different colored masks is great, but many people will not want to buy 10 different masks, I am one of those people.

So if you don’t want to buy so many masks, there are two colors that will look good with absolutely ANYTHING! And yeah you guessed it… it’s black and white. You do not need anything else than a black and a white mask! They are not very expensive and you can find them in many online stores. Black and white masks look so good, professional and chic! If I’m being honest, I actually prefer black and white masks than masks with bright colors, they look much more sophisticated and less childish. Now, if I had to choose between a black mask and a white mask it would probably be a black one, they look so much classier and more professional. But on the other hand, for summer it’s not ideal because black attracts heat, and a white mask will show off your tan much more. So honestly I think it really depends where you live, if you live in a hot country you might want to wear a white mask, but if you live in a cold country I think a black mask is classier.

A very good option is also a mask that matches your skin tone since it will kind of just blend in and basically match everything!

Now let’s talk about something less classy. I have seen many tie-dye masks and I personally would not buy one because it will be much harder to style and will not be very nice with most of your outfits. I would go for plain colors.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions or want me to write about something specific!

That is today’s style tip and I hope everyone has a great day!❤️

How to find your personal style💄

Today I am going to be writing about a very important thing, how to find your personal style! So let’s get right to it!

First of all, I want to say that finding YOUR personal style can take a very long time! It will definitely not happen overnight, so don’t be disappointed if it takes a while.

My personal style was very easy to find, because when I was three years old I started dressing my self and would not let anyone help me, obviously I almost always wore ridiculous outfits! Like sandals with socks in winter, and tutu’s with long sleeve T-shirts, and really all kinds of ridiculous outfits! But my mom did not make me change, she let me wear my ridiculous outfits, as embarrassing as it was! And that honestly really shaped my style and let me create my own personal one!

My style is inspired by my mom’s style, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the same, she wears more vintage pieces and I give it more of a modern twist. And it is normal to inspire your style on someone that you spend a lot of time with or someone you look up to, my mom was always my style inspiration, and let me tell you, she has a great style! Here are a few pictures of her style that I found.

Ok, now let’s start with the steps of finding your own style!

1. Get inspiration from one or a few styles you like.

If you have no idea what style you like, you need to start by choosing a few styles that you really like or just a few outfits, you can find this on Pinterest or Instagram or any of these apps. If you find a whole account with a style you love then just take the whole account! You can also get inspired by people and mostly style icons!

2. Put a label on it.

Now that you kind of know what type of styles you like, you have to put a label on them. You have to figure out what type of styles those are and basically just name them, let me give you some examples: classy, chic, elegant, tomboy, feminine, goth, vintage, hippie… and many more!

3. Give it your own twist.

Ok! So by now you must already kind of know what style you like, but you have to give it your own twist, now this is not always easy if you don’t know where to start, but it’s ok if you don’t really know how to, just stick to the style you like. Over time your style will change and you will notice that you have given it your own twist.

4. Match it with your lifestyle.

What I mean when I say to match it with your lifestyle is that you should only buy things that you will wear for sure. I am guilty of sometimes buying things that I never wear and you will probably too, but that’s normal! You have to look at your lifestyle, i would recommend mostly your job since it most likely is a big part of your life, if you work at home, you will probably dress more comfortably, if you have dress code at work then buy things according to that, if you travel a lot you will probably have many different clothes for cold places and hot places… etc.

5. See if there’s a color palet that you mostly stick to.

You should see if there’s some colour that you prefer wearing, like maybe you prefer wearing neutral colors, or more alive colors… etc. But obviously you can wear all colors, which is even better, you will have many more choices!

6. Remember that there are no limits to fashion.

This is the most important step! You have to remember that there are absolutely no limits! Fashion is a way to express yourself and you can wear whatever you want! And don’t give a care in the world what other people think! All these steps are just advice for you if you are very lost and have no idea where to start, it’s a little bit of inspiration, but you don’t have to follow them! In fashion you never ever play by the rules! And you can have 10 different fashion styles and personas, don’t try to box your style, let it flow and create crazy things! Always remember that!

I would really appreciate it if you left a comment suggesting things that I could write about, or even questions and doubts that you want me to answer!

Thanks for reading and have a good day!